Oculus Quest: | An All-In-One Gaming Headset
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An All-In-One Gaming Headset

Oculus Quest is at the forefront of a revolutionary frontier in gaming. The landscape of the gaming industry has undergone explosive changes in the last few decades, with unprecedented improvements in stunning graphics and visuals, increasingly riveting stories and complex gameplay.

What ties all of these factors together to create a truly memorable game, however, is the experience. At Oculus VR, our Oculus Quest headset is designed to give you an enhanced and all-immersive gaming experience. The Oculus Quest takes gaming to a whole different level. There are no PC’s, screens or wires. There are no limits.
Oculus Quest | Easy Setup

User-friendly and Convenient Set-Up

Being a wireless and self-contained system, you can set the Oculus Quest up without worrying about carrying multiple parts or untangling wires. Whether you’re at home or some place far away, the set-up is always effortless.
Oculus Quest | Insight Tracking

Oculus Insight Tracking

This innovative system is enabled by a technology called SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping). SLAM combines the input from various sensory data sources with computer vision algorithms, keeping a track of your positions with a digital map. Each of your movements are translated into VR – providing room-scale tracking.
Oculus Quest | Touch Controllers

Oculus Touch Controllers

These have been designed so that they can be seamlessly integrated with your movements. Oculus VR constellation sensors mean that the position of each controller is tracked with pin-point precision. Your gestures are translated into VR with intuitive and realistic accuracy, capturing the full range of your motions.
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Oculus Quest Console
Oculus Quest | Headset
Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest | Two Touch Controllers
Two Touch
Oculus Quest | 15W Power Adapter
15W Power Adapter
Oculus Quest | AA Batteries
AA Batteries
Oculus Quest | Frame Friendly Spacer
Frame Friendly
Oculus Quest Headset
Our first all-in-one VR gaming headset with controllers. No PC required.
Two Touch Controllers
Right and left hand Oculus Touch controllers required.
15W Power Adapter
A USB-C charger with adapter designed to charge Oculus Quest.
AA Batteries
Alkaline cell batteries to power both Oculus Touch controllers.
Frame Friendly Spacer
Wear your glasses in VR with an ergonomic interface to fit most eyewear.
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Oculus Warranty

Defect and malfunction coverage.