Oculus Quest | Features

A New Generation of VR Gaming

Gaming has always been associated with ultra-modern and groundbreaking technological developments, and the Oculus Quest represents a new milestone in the advancement of VR. The engineers and specialists working behind the scenes have left no stone unturned in ensuring that the Oculus Quest has been optimized for the ultimate experience. A range of features have been built in, making this a completely self-contained system which doesn’t need any external or additionalhardware.

No PC. No wires.
No limits.

Unlike other gaming systems, you don’t need a PC, wires or anything limiting you from having a truly immersive experience. This is our first all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality, giving you the freedom to play almost anywhere. All you will need is this VR headset and a pair of controllers.
Oculus Quest | All-In-One VR
Oculus Quest | Easy Set Up

The World is Your Arcade

Tethered systems such as consoles and PCs aren’t particularly easy to transport, which is why once they’re set up we tend to leave them in one particular location. With the Oculus Quest, however, you can setup effortlessly regardless of if you are at home or in a different place. It doesn’t matter where you are, the Oculus Quest is ideal for transforming any place into your own virtual arcade.

Seamless Movement

With the state of the art technology incorporated into our Oculus Insight Tracker, your movements are fluently translated into your VR, no matter which way you’re facing. With the Oculus Quest, you don’t need external sensors to provide perfect room-scale tracking. Immerse yourself completely within your gaming experience as you dart around, jumping and leaping as you battle enemies and complete missions.
Oculus Quest | Insight Tracking
Oculus Quest | Built-In Audio

Listen up and
all around.

Audio is a crucial function of gaming, whether it is to communicate with your teammates or appreciate the music and soundtrack of the games you are playing. The Oculus Quest has positional audio incorporated directly into the headset. This means that you can listen to your friends or hear what is sneaking us behind you – you are surrounded by sound even without any headphones.

Feeling is Believing

The Oculus Two-Touch Controllers rely on exciting technological developments in order to ensure that your movements while playing are as fluid and seamless as they are in real life. Your movements, gestures and hands are transported into the game without you even having to think about it. Your slashes, grabs and throws appear in VR with real-time and intuitive precision.
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Oculus Quest | Play Inbounds

Play Inbounds

The Oculus Guardian System has been designed to map and remember the boundaries of your playspace, as well as helping you to avoid from colliding with any nearby objects so that you can remain in-game without having to worry about interruptions or collisions.
Oculus Quest | Play Harder And Smarter

Play Harder and Smarter

Groundbreaking software innovations developed by Oculus mean that the Oculus Quest delivers a high-performing and exhilarating gaming experience with our all-in-one virtual reality headset.
Oculus Quest | Incredible VR Games

Incredible VR Games

Gone are the times when you would passively watch games. With these VR games you can be an active participant and leap right into the action. Whether you’re casting spells and incantations or slashing though enemy hordes, you can now experience the action first-hand.