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Take my money

Dont even give it a second thought, just give them your money. Worth every cent & from what ive seen so far we are getting a bargain. Been waiting on VR since 1990 & boy was it worth the wait. Once you taste the QUEST your reality will never be the same again. From the over the top exquisite packaging to the superbly designed head unit & controllers With a huge technological leap in the intergrated interface & vast array of software options from world class developers & pro gaming companies, You will eventually be glad that you only get to experience it for about 2 & a half hours as you have a break for it to charge for 1 & a half hours, as it gives you a moment to reflect on what you just experienced. (Even though you can play while its charging) Easy Drama Free Ordering & Super Fast Delivery from Amazon Australia to boot. Its a SuperHot Skybox Plank thats been KingSprayed with RealFishing So Far And if you have a PC with a Link Cable Theres another 1000 word review Buy it, you'll love it & enjoy your Quests.
Amazon Customer

Great VR experience....short battery life....get a portable battery bank too

I can honestly say that the oculus quest has opened my world.Ive been to the edge of space in a weather balloon, jumped of cliffs in a wingsuit,stood at the base of the pyramids and looked out at the earth from the international space station.Its not tv,you are there, to look down as your about jump out of an airplane will make your heart race.I can’t describe how good the quest is,I would recommend it to everyone young and old.Comfort is not an issue I completely forget it’s there until I take it off and am often shocked to find I’m back in my loungeroom.
Mark Spieth

Works brilliantly as all the reviews say!

This is a great device and just works. The only problem is that it goes through controller batteries in about 2 weeks so rechargeable are a must. Headset lasts for quite a while, never had to stop due to low charge unless another family member used it recently. Eye strain is also almost non existent which can be a problem with some VR devices. Price is the only real issue but if you wait for prime day or other special days you might get 10% or more off.

Love my Oculus Quest

Best thing since sliced bread couldn't be more happy with this amazing feat of technology and innovation. Runs fantastic, I have only experienced VR a few times before on earlier generations of VR head sets but i think the cord free nature of this experience is makes it so much more than any previous experiences i have had. It immerses you into the VR environment very quickly you forget you're even wearing a headset. I have heard some people say it is a little front heavy, I personally have not found this to be much of an issue even after 2hr game sessions. over all this is just an amazing experience and for those with creative flare the artistic apps are just a wonderfully freeing experience
David K

Fantastic VR Headset

From setup, to usage - this thing has been an absolute breeze to use, and most importantly, hugely enjoyable. I find the timeframes of comfortable play to be quite good, and the battery is suprisingly resilient, lasting around 2-3 hours of solid gameplay. The library is updated, with a fair bit of enjoyable games, and of course there's the link which allows the library to be played on the quest from rift models. Graphically, it's actually really good - I would've thought less, but then saw it in person and was wow'ed. Definitely a must-buy for casual gamers.

A new world

My first experience of virtual reality, a few decades ago was deeply disappointing - very basic graphics and such long lag times that believing in the reality of the created world was impossible. Apart from a very brief use of a mobile phone set into a cardboard frame, I have avoided VR ever since. The Oculus Quest was a speculative purchase that has turned out generally better than I had hoped. Suspension of disbelief in the artificial environment was almost instantaneous. I found myself flinching if I came too close to a "solid" object. The set up is relatively easy but does take some time, especially the initial charging of the headset. The hand held controller have with a little practice become intuitive to use. The introductory exercises are simple but fun (throwing paper planes, hitting a ping pong ball, dancing with an alien figure.) There are a few games included with the set. Purchasing others is simple enough, though they are expensive when compared to tablet or phone games. Some seem specifically designed for virtual reality, while others could just as easily be played on a console. The concept of watching videos on the set is, for me at least, a step too far. My only problem has been some disorientation and mild motion sickness on the more fast moving programmes such as the roller coaster. Definitely worth consideration.
sydney reader

An amazing experience

An amazing piece of technology. My first VR headset. Takes a while to get the correct head position with the straps. I haven't been a gamer upto now as a 2D monitor just didn't get my attention. But I think this will. I'm a YouTube fan & watching 180degree or 360 degree travel videos, some in 3D is mind-blowing. Quality is very variable tho as it's early days . Amazon Prime has a small selection of high quality 3D content. Netflix has a virtual cinema app but no 3D VR content yet . As someone with a 100inch screen home theatre at 1080p that's still better quality than watching on the Quest for serious movie buffs (Quest has an oled screen so blacks are great but there is a screendoor effect that I won't deny (which has no impact on games), but watching a movie in the Quest while orbiting Jupiter on a space ship sure is an experience, or watching a movie in a virtual cinema with other remote friends or strangers (Bigscreen app) has potential. For nerds, the Quest is an android device so you can side load many Android apps with a bit of magic and a "phone data cable usb-c". Controlling objects using just your hands (new experimental feature) is like being in a sci-fi movie. (It does come with 2 controllers) . I'll be on the lookout for VR headsets with double the 1440p resolution for that next step for movie buffs. But for gamers or for using it as a standard desktop computer display (using Desktop VR app sideloaded) this is the best out there unless you want to use a $3,000+ PC and a Pimax Headset. This is a great solution for disabled people or older people isolated to socialise or to "travel" the world using YouTube travel videos . [Added:. Returned it to Oculus for a replacement as one speaker wasn't working. After almost 3weeks via swapping in Hong Kong and FedEx flights via China Japan and Singapore I got another . That had a dead pixel so got an Amazon refund direct which is much quicker and ordered another. 3rd time lucky hopefully.
Sam Jiang

full VR experience without wires

I have been showing this to everyone I know and have been 100% successful at getting them interested in this device. You can't really describe VR using words or even videos, you have to experience it yourself. Oculus quest is VR's best chance of breaking into the mainstream. Without wires and the need for external sensors/pc/ps4 it can't get any easier to experience VR. Strongly recommended
Mr Olds

Whats not to love?

A little about me so you understand my opinion, Im 50 odd in years, this is my first experience with modern VR and from the first demo i played on a friends quest i was hooked. I without having any know;edge of what else was out there decided to also buy the quest over the rift only because it was wireless, If you buy the quest you have to buy the add on battery for it, games like dead and buried 2 will consume the short battery life on it, With a cord attached its a poor mans rift while playing. Playing games that require you to move a lot take your focus from the need to stay in a confined area and destruction of a cord is assured, Less than 2 hours playing dead and buried 2 i head butted the wall twice, Went to lean on objects that where a figment of the virtual world causing me to fall on walls and tables, yeah i know funny as hell as long as noone sees yo do it right? Both times i though for sure i would have damaged the oculus but fortune in my favor it held up to it, I had a sore nose for 3 days so it was no bump,still a little sore ATM. Anyway, You don`t have to buy head phones,Mic is built in but its pretty crappy. Extra battery a must have. The guardian works awesomely but again in a confined room you will forget it as you become more emersed in the game your playing , So do yourself a favor and keep checking where your at inside the guardian often,your going to get hurt unless all the games you play are stationary, Even then you bound to lean on something thats not there. These are the pit falls. Enough of my ramblings, Short story short, Stay wireless, while playing motion games, More power for the short battery life on the oculus and enjoy the hell out of it.
Joseph Tan

Easiest and the most immersive VR system yet

As an owner of the Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 and CV1, the Quest is a very significant milestone in the development of VR because it is the first commercial 6 degree-of-freedom (including hand controllers) system. It is simply amazing what the engineers have managed to pull off here. Compared to the CV1, the major improvements are: - Much improved internal lens reflections (causing 'god rays'). - Improved screen resolution (now 1600 x 1440 per eye) OLED technology. - Ergonomic audio porting in ears (tradeoff with some sound quality, standard wired headphones can be connected if needed). - Completely tether-less operation (this cannot be overstated). Very good hand controller tracking. Cons: - Slightly added weight (measured 578 grams). - Oculus Quest store titles appear to cost slightly more than the Oculus PC VR store. The build quality is excellent, we're talking Apple-quality fit and finish here. Longevity looks decent, but with VR moving at such a rapid place I think the hardware probably will easily last 3-4 years (until the next Quest comes along). What makes the magic happen is the software, at the present time (May 2019) the Oculus home screen has a clean design. I'm glad that Oculus did not implement the Oculus Home environment in their tethered VR system (I think it is simply useless and unnecessary). At release time, there is a good selection of titles and will surely be much better in the following years, Highly recommended.


I bought the original Oculus Rift and this is just mind blowing. No cords, no PC needed. It's a fantastic experience and the system works great. Pros (compared to Rift): - Less god rays - Better resolution (text is really easy to read) - Amazing portability Cons: - Honestly, none in my time using it.
Amazon Customer

Fantastic. Easy VR is finally here...

LOVE not having to be tethered to a PC. So easy to just pick up and play. Good range of games available. Also great for watching movies through free Skybox app, as well as YT and Netflix. Image quality is very good, screen door effect has been minimised. On board audio is just ok...you will really want to plug in your own buds / cans for best audio experience. Other than that...just top stuff.

The most impressive tech since the touch phone

It's just next level good. It may not have the same refresh rate and pixel density as the valve index, but this is half the price and way more versatile. Oculus link is astoundingly effective. My favourite game on this is Project Cars. I like tech stuff. This is the most impressive consumer tech I've seen since the touch screen phone came out.

Best in Class, Game-Changer

I have been purchasing and following VR headsets since the mid 1990's. My company, Schwerpunkt Pty Ltd was the first in the world to commercialise 360 degree VR Apps on Apple and Android in 2013. In this context the Oculus Quest is, in my view, a milestone and gamechanger in this genre. The build quality is excellent, with attention to quality of materials and design. The tracking capability, both of the headset and the controllers, without the need for base stations has finally been achieved to perfection. The tetherless capability is inspiring. The price point and value proposition is best in class.
PartyNow Support

Fun & Portable!

I really enjoy playing with this VR Headset. The graphics are decent. Not as good as a PC based one but also a lot less $$ and you don't need a $3k gaming machine to run them. They have some games that just are not possible on a regular VR because you need to turn around a lot and you'd get tangled in a regular VR Headset :) Give it a go...
Rick Dempsey

Highly recommended.

I can honestly say that the oculus quest has opened my world.Ive been to the edge of space in a weather balloon, jumped of cliffs in a wingsuit,stood at the base of the pyramids and looked out at the earth from the international space station.Its not tv,you are there, to look down as your about jump out of an airplane will make your heart race.I can’t describe how good the quest is,I would recommend it to everyone young and old.Comfort is not an issue I completely forget it’s there until I take it off and am often shocked to find I’m back in my loungeroom.

Wow. Just amazing.

That device is the most fun I had with any gaming console in years. I remember playing Atari 2600 for the first time, using the first 3D accelerator card etc. as special moments in my gaming history and when I first put on the quest I new within seconds that this was one of those moments :-D
max ashton

Immserive and fun

Great headset and the freedom and safety off the device is excellent, use your own headphones if you want to on either side off the headset, the straps could easily fit on any head and fits really well, the only thing I have to say thats bad about it is that it's tiny bit heavy so if you have neck problems like some off my friends i don't recommend it but aside from that slight weight it is a superb headset...
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